Bag of the Monthfeatured


I’m singing the praises of Creativebug. I’ve gotten my money’s worth on this one. It’s a subscription service for all sorts of creative classes–drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, crafting and all sorts of creative inspiration. With the New Year, they introduced a new class series called “Bag of the Month.” I previewed the series and loved January’s Linen Bucket Bag and knew I was in. (more…)


Guardian Building Tourfeatured

Guardian Building Lobby Ceiling

The Guardian Building Main Lobby Ceiling

Last Sunday I was able to make it downtown with a friend for a tour of the Guardian Building in Detroit. We got snarled up in auto show traffic so we missed the start of the tour but we were able to catch up at the end. What an architectural gem! Detroit so often gets a bad rap but there is much beauty to be found. I don’t have any pictures of the exterior of the building since it seemed to be shrouded by some scaffolding for renovations…plus it was really cold and windy and we just wanted to stay warm and cozy inside. Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous interior. (more…)


Christmas Pillowsfeatured


I made a few of these pillows a couple of years ago and gave them as gifts and as much as I loved them, I never made any for myself—I ran out of material, steam and time. I was reminded of them at Thanksgiving when we traveled to my parents house and they had theirs out on the couch. I’ve decided my living room couches deserve a little holiday pizzazz so I’m making some for myself and I’m doing my first step-by-step tutorial for the blog. Hopefully I’ve added enough clear details and instructions but please contact me if you have any questions or if anything is unclear. There are a lot of steps but nothing too complicated and the more complicated added detail steps are optional. If you can sew a straight line you can make the basic version of these. If your sewing skills are a little more advanced you can add a little more detail. My skills are somewhere between “I can make a pillow” and “I continually try and fail more advanced projects like a simple skirt or a zippered pouch.” (more…)



animated gif with sketchbook images

I’ve never been big on keeping a sketchbook or a journal. I have a hard time being consistent about it. Although I almost always do some sort of thumbnail sketches before starting any sort of project, I don’t think them interesting enough to want to keep in a book for all eternity so I usually just use scrap paper or plain printer paper and they get scrapped when a project’s complete. (more…)


Fall Flavorsfeatured

Pumpkin Cookies on a Plate

Fall is my favorite season. Although it can come a little abruptly as it seemed to this year in Michigan, I love the colors, putting on the first sweater of the season and going for a crunchy, leafy walks. I most especially love all of Fall’s delicious flavors: hearty stews, chilis, savory roasts, and soups. Apple. Pumpkin. Yummy, yummy pumpkin. (more…)