Jen Stefanek

I earned my BFA from The University of Michigan in 1995 and immediately began a career as a Graphic Designer primarily for large corporations first in Metro Detroit and then in Chicago. In 2002, I left the corporate world to pursue my greatest professional and personal challenge yet—motherhood. I now have two sons and live in Metro Detroit with my husband of nearly 17 years.

Although I have the occasional creative burst, I allowed my creativity to take a back burner to my family. I started The Picadilly Project as a way to motivate, inspire and commit myself to rediscovering the artist I’ve always wanted to be and maybe motivate a few of you to try something new. I assign myself a creative project and post it here for all to see. I have many different interests and projects range from paintings and drawings, graphic design and illustration to crafting and cooking. Maybe someday I’ll find my niche and decide to commit to one thing, but for now I’m leaving it wide open.

When I thought of the name The Picadilly Project I was initially thinking of all the projects I would be creating from my little studio in the basement of our home. But in the end, I think that perhaps it is me that is the biggest project on Picadilly.