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I’ve never been big on keeping a sketchbook or a journal. I have a hard time being consistent about it. Although I almost always do some sort of thumbnail sketches before starting any sort of project, I don’t think them interesting enough to want to keep in a book for all eternity so I usually just use scrap paper or plain printer paper and they get scrapped when a project’s complete.

In college keeping a sketchbook was frequently part of the final grade especially in fine arts classes like drawing and painting. I usually procrastinated and found myself begrudgingly rushing at the last minute to complete the bare minimum number of sketches to satisfy course requirements. I remember for watercolor class the professor was always on me about the number of entries and lackluster quality of my sketches. It just has never been my thing…until now. I think I could really start to get into it.

I follow a few blogs on a regular basis and one of my favorites is the blog of self-taught artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon called “Today is Going to be Awesome.” I just love her style and personality so much. She has created a really lovely and diverse body of work and it’s been really inspirational to me as I go on this journey of making creativity a priority in my life again. She has done a wide range of talks and online tutorials and I recently discovered her series of sketch-booking tutorials on Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching the first series of tutorials and creating my own pages in my new sketchbook I bought just for this. It’s been a really fun diversion from the freelance design work I’ve been doing as of late and completing these colorful pages has been so fun and refreshing. I am appreciating having a space to explore the materials and well, I guess just play. Who knows, maybe I will finally fill up the entire book.



The first two spreads are a mix of watercolor backgrounds and ink pen drawings.



The second two spreads are a mix of collaged papers and ink drawings over top. I printed out backgrounds that I found online and cut them up and glued them to the pages then drew over top with ink pens.


And finally, the last two are a mix of brush pen backgrounds with black, white and light blue pens over top.

I’m looking forward to watching the next series and filling up my pages with more colorful experiments. I will post more soon!


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