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I have a few rather involved projects underway right now and while I am really enjoying carving time out of every day to work on them, progress is slow and it might be a while before they are completed. I need some instant gratification projects to interject into my days so today I am launching a new series I’m calling “Five in Five.” My goal is to complete five related projects, one a day, for five days and I’ll post the results once all five are completed. I hope to complete at least one “Five in Five” series post every month. How many times did I just use the word five? I’ll stop now.

I’ve got a running list with all sorts of ideas but I’ve decided to kick it off with jewelry, more specifically, necklaces. A few years ago, I ripped a picture of a necklace that I absolutely loved out of a Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It was a mix of leather and gold…and it cost thousands of dollars. While that may be chump change to Martha, it was not in my budget at the time (or now for that matter). I’ve since misplaced the picture but the memory of it has lingered and provides inspiration for these necklaces. They are a mix of leathers, a variety of chain and some have a touch of cotton embroidery thread or other embellishments just for kicks AND they cost nowhere near a thousand dollars!

The first necklace is a thin gray leather cord with three different antique silver chains. I added a the silver oval (what is that shape?) on the bottom chain.


Then I mixed antique silver chains with brown leather, added a little turquoise embroidery thread and a silver circle.


Next up was a thin copper colored leather cord mixed with three different copper chains. I really love these chains. They were definitely the splurge of the group.


Then I had fun with brass. First I paired a thicker gray leather cord with two simple brass chains. I added the squares and the green thread for fun.


Finally, a dark brown leather cord with three brass chains in different sizes and a hint of salmon pink.


I got all my materials from The Bead Gallery in Ann Arbor and local craft stores (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby). I’m sure an experienced jewelry maker could find all sorts of flaws with my workmanship but I enjoyed making them, learned a thing or two and I’m really pleased with the results!

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