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Palmer Woods Neighborhood Association Centennial Logo

So this is kind of fun. I recently entered a couple of logo designs in a small competition and got second place! Above is my “winning” logo.

From time to time I check some favorite art and design sites and see if there’s anything interesting going on—freelance jobs, calls for entries for upcoming art shows, competitions, etc. One site that I only recently stumbled upon is It is an arts focused site for Michigan-based creatives. Well, in late February I noticed a posting from the Palmer Woods Neighborhood Association in Detroit. They were hosting a logo design competition for the neighborhood’s upcoming centennial celebration. After spending some time researching the neighborhood’s history and as well as the significant design esthetic at the time the neighborhood was incorporated (Art Deco), the ideas started flowing and I ended up submitting two designs. I had heard anything and figured that was the last of it until last week I found out that while neither of my designs won first prize (I’m so curious to see the winning logo), that one of my designs took second prize. In addition to a monetary prize, my design will be featured in their celebrations, I will be promoted in event publications and invited to participate in the festivities. I don’t know all the details but Palmer Woods is a beautiful, premier neighborhood in Detroit so I’m sure whatever they have planned will be really fun. Pretty cool!

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