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Hand Lettered Quote Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

Today’s hand lettered quote is a suggestion of my friend Christy.

I’m so grateful that she was the one to introduce me to this quote because if anyone embodies it, it is Christy. In her everyday life she wears so many hats (like so many of us, right?) yet she still has so many goals and aspirations and interests AND she actually finds time to pursue them. Drum lessons, check. Vocal group, check. Documentary Film Maker, Photographer and Artist, check, check and check. She is a mentor, a leader and a lovely friend. She jumps into things whole-heartedly, seemingly without fear and is truly living her life without a thought about age.

Thanks for the inspiration (in so many ways). I’m going to go construct a bookcase while painting a self-portrait and doing some underwater basket weaving while working out on the elliptical now. Or maybe I’ll just go have a snack.

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