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I tried very hard to get this posted yesterday but had some technical difficulties with the blog. A reminder that even the best-laid plans are not always in our control.

I’m kicking off the month of June with a hand-lettered quote that comes to you as a suggestion from my sister-in-law, Patty. There are no truer words for me as I try to calm the whirlwind of the month that was May.

I look at the previous posting and it’s dated a month ago today—how could an entire month fly by so quickly? When I began this blog it was my goal to post a minimum of once a week. I had been doing fairly well—and then came May. I overcommitted myself this past month (more so than usual), had an unexpected chance to travel with my youngest son for a fabulous opportunity and had a few curveballs thrown my way. So I’m breathing a heavy sigh of relief and refocusing as June begins.

So far I haven’t left the house today. I finished up this lettering project, made some phone calls, tackled the pile of laundry, spent an hour on a freelance project, made a grocery list for the week—no pressure to be anywhere or do anything, no mile-long to-do list. I could get used to this. It feels so good to just be home.

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