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The Mighty Mitten illustration of Michigan
The Mighty Mitten, The Great Lake State, The Wolverine State, Water Wonderland, and The Auto State are all among Michigan’s many nicknames. As a Michigander I am guilty of using my hands to show people where I live or where another city is “on the map.” It is the official state map, right?

I was born and raised in Michigan and am happy to now be raising my boys here. I have not loved the endless, brutal Winter we’ve had but, truth be told, I like living in a place that has four distinct seasons. Well, I guess sometimes they blend together and one questions if we really ever had a Spring or a Fall but that one perfect Spring or Fall day can wipe away any Polar Vortex memories. The past few days of weather in the 40’s and 50’s and sunshine have been rejuvenating. On my morning walks with the dog I have actually heard birds chirping—BIRDS CHIRPING! And, although admittedly less pleasant, the other morning the aroma of skunk wafted through the air in our subdivision. Sure signs that Spring is emerging.

I had two goals this week: the first was to complete one of the bigger projects I’ve been working on which, this week, happens to be my “Mighty Mitten” illustration. I started this one quite a while ago and it’s taken me a lot of time and exploration to settle on a style, get everything illustrated and put together cohesively but I finally managed to steer it in a direction I’m happy with. I tried to capture all of the official things of this great state (official animal: white-tailed deer; official flower: apple blossom; official bird: Robin, etc.) as well as some of the other stuff we’re known for. I created this illustration completely using Adobe Illustrator. I find working in Illustrator oddly therapeutic and I just love it, LOVE IT! I’m pleased with the results, what do you think (constructive and kind criticism is always welcome)?

My second goal this week was to launch my new Etsy shop and I am using this print and this post to do just that. It can be found here: I have decided to retire my former Etsy shop, Ladybug Hugs, in order to align with this blog and my personal and professional goals. I will be updating and adding many of the prints formerly available at Ladybug Hugs over the next few days (there are already a few listed) and I also plan on including some of my fine art projects, hand lettering projects, crafts and jewelry projects there as well. So if you see something you like on the blog, check my shop to see if it’s for sale! If it’s not in the shop you can contact me directly. I’m not going to print every little sketch or piece that I create up for sale. Now through March 31st if you enter the code PICADILLY20 you will receive 20% off your purchase! Please note that if you are local to me in the Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area you can contact and purchase directly through me which could possibly eliminate or save on shipping costs. Contact me via a convo to discuss options.

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