Adventures in Screen Printing — Chapter 1featured

Screen Printing Project

I have a tendency to hoard art supplies and never use them. Inspiration strikes and I go out and buy all the supplies and then they get tucked away untouched. I don’t think this phenomenon is unique to me…Do you have a hobby that you’ve bought way more gear for than you actually use? A library of unread books? Fishing Lures up the wazoo (wait, ouch, bad example)? More running shoes or yoga pants than one person can possibly wear? Well, this Fall I’m turning over a new leaf and cleaning out my supply closet and actually using what’s in there. (more…)


Hanging Onto Summer…with a Little Peach Cobblerfeatured

Peach CobblerWe are in the final stretches of summer vacation here. I have to say I am somewhat relieved but also somewhat saddened by it’s coming to an end. I’ve had a difficult time finding balance this summer and trying to find activities that will make both boys happy, keeping myself interested and engaged and fitting those things in with their sports and other organized activities. I’m not really sure where the summer went to be honest. It seemed like in the beginning we had an endless summer stretched out before us and now it’s wrapping up I’m not sure we accomplished much. The weather has also been really weird too—a little too cool, very wet and somewhat dreary. I am hopeful that as the kids start school and we get back into a routine that we will have a beautiful Indian Summer and that Summer won’t leave us high and dry. (more…)


Fisher Building Tourfeatured

On Saturday I finally made it downtown with my oldest son, a friend and her daughter for one of the Pure Detroit’s free tours of The Fisher Building. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and I’m so glad I finally took the time to go. It was my first time inside The Fisher Building and let’s just say that it is an amazing gem of a building and I was not disappointed. The gorgeous frescoed ceilings and opulent art deco details everywhere I looked were a feast for the eyes. The history of the building was fascinating and I am not generally a huge history fan (which is odd considering my love of historical fiction) but our tour guide, Jacob, gave a interesting, informative and attention-capturing presentation. I won’t try to recount everything I learned—I’ll leave that to the professionals—but I will share a few pictures. I’ve decided to focus on the details. Oh, the details!


The frescoed ceilings were something behold. The rich jewel-tones with gold-leaf were even more amazing once were learned that the artists completed the entire ceiling in two months! (more…)


Five in Five: Detroit Necklacesfeatured

Photographic Necklaces

Update: 8/13/2015: I now am selling Detroit Necklaces in my Etsy Shop or if you are local to me and would like to purchase directly, please contact me through the contact link above.

I’ll admit it publically…I am a fan of Martha Stewart. And while I don’t think we could be best buds (too elitist and egotistical), I do admire her appreciation of the handmade, the home-crafted and meticulously creative ideas. And I can relate to her anal-retentive, controlling tendencies. I have subscribed to all of her magazines on and off throughout the years. Once in a while there’s something really great that makes it worth the cost of the subscription—a really great recipe, an inspiring feature article on an artisan or a craft idea. This was the case with the July/August 2015 issue of Living in the Picture This article featuring creative ways to feature photographs on things like pillows, rocks, furniture and necklaces. I don’t know about you, but in this era of digital photography I rarely make prints anymore. I loved the necklaces and immediately got to work tracking down supplies and sifting through photos to use. I quickly decided to use some of the pictures that I’ve been taking from around Detroit. (more…)


Update on “Maury”featured

U of M Alumni Exhibition Poster

Hi everyone! How is your summer going so far? I’ve been having a hard time getting into a groove with the boys home for summer vacation. I find myself wanting to relax and enjoy them and the nice weather instead of working on projects and work. I got this poster in an email today from U of M and realized that I hadn’t provided an update on my submission, “Maury.” My drawing will be included in the exhibition—yay! I am very excited to see it hung in a gallery amidst the other creative submissions. I dropped it off last week and got a sneak peek and some of the other artwork and it all looked like really interesting work. I can’t wait to see the show and see how others interpreted the theme. The show begins July 13th and runs through August 2nd. The Ann Arbor Art Fairs are July 15th-18th this year so if you happen to be in going to Ann Arbor for that be sure to stop in and see the show. It will be divided between two venues: Work Gallery on Central Campus (306 S. State St.) and the Slusser Gallery (2000 Bonisteel Blvd.) in the Art and Architecture building on North Campus. I haven’t been notified yet at which location my drawing will be on display. We’ll be bringing the boys wot the opening reception on the 17th. Can’t wait!


There’s No Place Like Homefeatured

There's No Place Like Home Hand Lettered Quote

I tried very hard to get this posted yesterday but had some technical difficulties with the blog. A reminder that even the best-laid plans are not always in our control.

I’m kicking off the month of June with a hand-lettered quote that comes to you as a suggestion from my sister-in-law, Patty. There are no truer words for me as I try to calm the whirlwind of the month that was May. (more…)



"Maury" drawing on paper

“Maury” graphite on paper, 40″x26″

Today is the deadline for submissions to the U of M Stamps School of Art Annual Alumni Exhibition. This is the first time that I have submitted a piece. For the past 20 years since graduating (20 YEARS! YIKES!!) I have gotten annual notices about the exhibitions but I have never actually submitted an entry. Last summer, after going to the exhibitions with my oldest son, I made a promise to myself that I would create something for this year’s exhibition and I’m happy to report that I kept my promise. (more…)