Who Am I to Judge?featured

Who am I to Judge hand lettered quote

I was raised in a pretty conservative family in a conservative town. One thing that has always stuck with me despite that upbringing, was that my parents were always nonjudgemental. Sure observations were made about other people’s choices and discussion may have ensued about how those choices were different from their own beliefs/morals/religion, etc. (I’m making it sound much more formal than it was) but the overriding theme was that as long as they’re happy and not hurting anyone, everyone’s choices have to be respected.

“Who am I to judge?” Ever since Pope Francis spoke those words in his widely publicized airplane press conference in which he discussed homosexuality in the clergy, those five simple words have stuck with me and become a sort of meditation for me. Who are any of us to judge anyone about anything? We are all on our own journey and I believe that as long as we are happy and not hurting anyone or ourselves, who is anyone to judge anybody?”

I’ve known for awhile that these words would be the first of my hand lettering projects. I’ve seen a huge resurgence in hand lettering in all areas of art and design, especially in the last year or so. Have you noticed it too? Everything from calligraphy to chalkboard art to retro signage, I’m in love with it all. In keeping with the simplicity of message, I drew a basic block alphabet using good old fashioned pen and ink, scanned it in and digitized it then started copying, pasting, outlining and colorizing.

Do you have a favorite quote? Let me know and I might use it for a future project.


"Adrift" mixed media collage

“Adrift” mixed media collage with paper, watercolor and graphite

Adrift: a sense of uncertainly, a lack of focus, a feeling of restlessness

For the last (almost) thirteen years I have had the privilege of assuming the title of Mom and wife without the distraction of working outside the home. I have enjoyed that privilege but lately I have experienced a shift in myself. A longing, but for what I am unsure. I guess I’ve been feeling adrift.

There are so many things that spark an interest in me, constantly inspired by what I see around me: a piece of jewelry, an illustration, art, a craft, a recipe or creative home décor. And yet, I am slow to begin. It seems like time is fleeting—how do I pick what I most want to do/be/create? So I am left paralyzed and unproductive—my own worst enemy. It’s like I fear that by doing something I will have to commit or declare or define myself by that thing forever. Completely irrational, I know.

So this is the start of getting back on course. A place to do a little bit of this, a little that. Not committing to any one thing, but many: artist, designer, illustrator, chef, doer, maker and any other little thing that comes along.