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On Saturday I finally made it downtown with my oldest son, a friend and her daughter for one of the Pure Detroit’s free tours of The Fisher Building. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and I’m so glad I finally took the time to go. It was my first time inside The Fisher Building and let’s just say that it is an amazing gem of a building and I was not disappointed. The gorgeous frescoed ceilings and opulent art deco details everywhere I looked were a feast for the eyes. The history of the building was fascinating and I am not generally a huge history fan (which is odd considering my love of historical fiction) but our tour guide, Jacob, gave a interesting, informative and attention-capturing presentation. I won’t try to recount everything I learned—I’ll leave that to the professionals—but I will share a few pictures. I’ve decided to focus on the details. Oh, the details!


The frescoed ceilings were something behold. The rich jewel-tones with gold-leaf were even more amazing once were learned that the artists completed the entire ceiling in two months!


This is a detail of an elevator door. The doors were a beautiful polished brass.

Fisher Building Ceiling Vent Detail
Detail of the ceiling showing a ventilation cover.


Not your ordinary door moulding…

One of the gorgeous chandeliers lighting the main floor. Valued at $100,000 each—I wouldn’t want the responsibility of having to change the lightbulbs in these beauties.

Fisher Theater Lobby Entrance
A shot from right outside the Theater. Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the theater itself—guess I’ll just have to get tickets to a show.

I highly recommend the tour and can’t wait to go to a tour of The Guardian Building that they offer as well as the skyscraper tour. Please check out Pure Detroit for more information. Or, just take a little time to walk through on your own the next time you’re downtown…it truly is “Detroit’s largest art object.”


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