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Does anything say summer better than a farmer’s market? I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to get some flowers for the front porch. I know I’m late in the game of planting but if the flowers are to have any chance of survival they had to wait until I could give them proper attention.

Flowers in buckets

Initially, I felt a little self-conscious carrying my camera around the market to take some shots but I did my best to be unobtrusive and asked for permission when the vendors were around. A few asked if I was from a newspaper! Most were so nice and I ended up having some pleasant chats. It was a beautiful Spring morning and what a contrast to my winter photo walk—such vibrant colors in comparison to Winter’s dull costume!


hens and chicks





In addition to some potted flowers, I picked up some produce. The radishes were warm and spicy, the strawberries sugary sweet and the cukes crisp and so fresh. Yum! I’ve been munching all day.

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