"Adrift" mixed media collage

“Adrift” mixed media collage with paper, watercolor and graphite

Adrift: a sense of uncertainly, a lack of focus, a feeling of restlessness

For the last (almost) thirteen years I have had the privilege of assuming the title of Mom and wife without the distraction of working outside the home. I have enjoyed that privilege but lately I have experienced a shift in myself. A longing, but for what I am unsure. I guess I’ve been feeling adrift.

There are so many things that spark an interest in me, constantly inspired by what I see around me: a piece of jewelry, an illustration, art, a craft, a recipe or creative home décor. And yet, I am slow to begin. It seems like time is fleeting—how do I pick what I most want to do/be/create? So I am left paralyzed and unproductive—my own worst enemy. It’s like I fear that by doing something I will have to commit or declare or define myself by that thing forever. Completely irrational, I know.

So this is the start of getting back on course. A place to do a little bit of this, a little that. Not committing to any one thing, but many: artist, designer, illustrator, chef, doer, maker and any other little thing that comes along.

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Jennifer Stefanek

Hello, I'm Jen. I am a forty-something closeted artist and designer. This blog is a place for me to chronicle creative projects big and small in an effort to re-ignite and rediscover my creative self. I am The Picadilly Project.

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